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Xmas Jellia by glu-glu
Xmas Jellia
Originally i wasnt gonna post this to DA because it was for a question i got on Tumblr, but Tumblr more or less butchered the resolution, so hey, DA gets the pic too now.
True Facts about The Gluufftian Slime by glu-glu
True Facts about The Gluufftian Slime

Now sit down and listen ya little urchins, because you're going to get educated!

The Gluufftian Slime is composed of millions of little cells called Biomass, which unlike other living beings don’t unite in creating more complex structures (like tissues or organs) and instead unite themselves into a viscous state of varying density and qualities.

Biomass comes in three types, Live Biomass, living cells which form all living forms in Gluufft, there are several subcategories which can categorize living beings in similar categories as earth (ie, equivalents to animals and plants, etc); Inert Biomass, which is akin to minerals (thus, not alive) and can be found in raw form all over Gluufft with diverse natural properties (down right to an chemical level); and Artificial Biomass, more frequently known as SynthoMass, which was synthesized by the Gluufftian civilization (think something akin to plastic and other synthetic materials). Everything in Gluufft is made by Biomass that falls in these categories and Gluufftians interact with everything in the world by fusing with objects/living beings/each other and manipulating the biomass in this way.

Due to the nature of this “manipulation by fusion" manner of interacting with the world, Gluufftian culture has no concept of "individual self”, even tho Gluufftian beings can be explicitly cataloged as individuals, their culture is built on the ideology of everything and everyone being part of a single thing, that being the entirety of Gluufft, their planet, as such, individual Gluufftians can be (and often are) absorbed into other Gluufftians, which is not considered a bad thing (much less murder) as they live in the collective existence of the entire planet. However of note is also the opposite, two or more Gluufftians  interacting(fusing) might merge into an entirely new individual, or parts of their biomass might fuse into a offspring new life, even little bits of a Gluufftian might separate into an offspring being at any given moment.

This is possible because, while you might notice a Gluufftian slime has no visible organs, it’s far from brainless, quite the opposite, every cell of live biomass in a Gluufftian body works like a tiny computer in a network that is the whole being, each cell providing computing power to the cell network that forms a consciousness, so even a little lump of Gluufftian slime is sentient, and can possibly attain consciousness. Each individual Gluufftian slimes has a consciousness governing over the live biomass and it’s what drives every cell of their biomass to rejoin and reform whenever it is separated from the main mass body.

Gluufftian slimes feed by absorbing matter, in their native Gluufft it is restricted to biomass, but Gluufftian slimes can absorb any type of matter in proper conditions. The preference for fluids comes from how easy to assimilate they are, but more solid structures can be absorbed if the slime’s acidity level is adequate.

Absorbed matter is broken down by the biomass and repurposed into more biomass; frequently eating the same source will gradually make the slime gain the properties of what is being consumed (ie, if a Gluufftian slime feeds exclusively on milk, the biomass will be indistinguishable from milk in time), this means with time the entire chemical structure of the slime will change and immunity to previously harmful material will be attained, this however means weaknesses might be also attained by assimilating matter (like becoming volatile or flammable). With enough acidity a Gluufftian slime might become able to absorb even human beings, so caution is advised. It is important to educate off world Gluufftian slimes on the concept of self and individuals, as to discourage them from accidentally absorbing you whole.

Gluufftian Slimes, in addition to their inherent fluidity, tenacity and elasticity, can control their Biomass Density, which is defined as “the amount of mass accumulated in one unit of volumetric space" and means Gluufftian slimes can compress their biomass into really tight volumes increasing their density and overall sturdiness, or expand into enormous volumes, making themselves more malleable and fluid. To visualize the effects of this in a loose example, imagine one gallon of water being poured on a surface vs the same gallon of water fitted into the smallest possible cube, frozen and being dropped into the same surface.

Jellia Facts:

  • Jellia is not the only Gluufftian that has found their way to earth, before her there was the precedent of Blush.
  • Jellia’s eyes and mouth, while functional, are something she conjured up for the benefit of emulating the look of humans, Gluufftian slimes can see and talk with no visible eyes or mouth.
  • Despite being constantly drawn naked, Jellia in fact adores wearing clothes (specially and primarily women clothing) and [in story] rarely is seen naked, this is because since Jellia is technically genderless, she prefers to wear clothes to encourage people to identify her as a female.
  • Jellia still struggles with speaking sometimes, so often she mispronounces her own name as “Julia”, the correct pronunciation is closer to “gel-lee-uh”.
Blue hugs by glu-glu
Blue hugs
A picture a drew for WinWinStudios because these characters are super cute together!
Boxing Melissa by glu-glu
Boxing Melissa
I can't do foreshortening to save my life.

I keep making these Melissa pics so sloppy, im sorry ;__;
I am using a feature no one asked for and now i presume this is clogging your message centers now. cheerios!~
"See? we can be like tumblr too! are we hip or what?

Please love us, precious teen demographic!

(Are we out of touch? no, it's teens who are wrong!)"


is not sure where he is
bluh bluh bluh!

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